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Our Products & Services

We offer wide range of ICT Services to meet the needs of various individuals and organisations.


Advertise your goods and services in your own terms on a global scale. Take advantage of the world wide web and social media and reach millions of customers by advertising your business on your website.

For your personal, business or organisation website, contact us and we will develop your website at a very competitive price. At cybercetera, customer satisfaction is our top priority.

We also optimize your website for search engines. This makes it easy for your customers to search for your website or business using any search engine such as google.

Our website design package comes with a free one year update and unlimited official email addresses. Which means for one year you can get any additional content on your website free of charge.


The interconnection of computers within a particular area is known as Computer Networking. It eases communication and facilitates the sharing of resources such as software, hardware, internet connection, etc.

Computer Networks can be within a small area or in a particular building, this is referred to as Local Area Networking or the network could span across a large area, connecting several locations. This can be accomplished by the use radio antennae and VSAT.

At Cybercetera, we offer all forms of computer networking services


For repairs of computer systems and peripheral devices, our team of professionally trained computer engineers are on ground to satisfy your need.

We also undertake installation of newly acquired computer systems and devices.

You can also book appointments with us for routine maintenance of your systems.


Get trained on how to use latest computer software packages. We have several training programs to suit your time and budget. We also offer tailored programs such as Home Training, Corporate Training classes for Schools and Organisations as well as Personal Training.

Our training program covers Computer Appreciation, Website Design, Accounting Packages and Graphics Design


Are you in need of a software to help you manage your business, school or organisation? Look no further, because you have come to the right place.

We provide various applications for that will help you manage your business, financial institution, supermarket, retail shop, school, Church, Mosque, NGO etc.

Our software are reliable and have been proven to stand the test of time. No matter the size of your business or organisation, we have a software solution for you.

Call on us today and taste the difference.